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Bachendri Pal

Last Sunday, December 9, 2007, we held a medical camp at Tumung, 26 kms from here on the Hata road, a location where Ms Bachendri Pal, the first Indian lady on Everest, holds her local rock climbing camp. A beautiful location next to a village is spotted with large rocks and a lake. An excellent location for a picnic. Those interested in rock climbing will have to sign up in advance with Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF).

The camp was sponsored by Arun Wakhlu, older brother of Bharat Wakhlu and was routed through TMDC, Tata Steel.

Even though it was harvesting season, we had over 500 patients. The doctors and volunteers specially enjoyed the hospitality extended to us by Ms Bachendri Pal.

Patients in que before Dr. Surajit De

Among the patients, two disabled children were referred to TMH and one of them, a girl, was fitted with a special shoe at the Artificial Limb Centre run by the Lions Clubs of Jamshedpur.

Vinay Pandey (Loyola 1972) and Sanjay Sharma (Loyola 1974) of TMDC and Bachendri Pal and Parvez Kapadia (Loyola 1973) of TSAF were also there.

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