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In Memoriam

I came to know a couple of days ago from Ronald D'Costa, '64, that Fr. Eugene Welch, SJ, died on October 23, 2009, at XLRI, where he was staying. He was suffering with cancer but chose to spend his last days in India.

Fr. James V. Keogh, SJ, one of the first six Jesuits from the Maryland Province to come to Loyola School, died January 29, 2010, in Wernersville, Pennsylvania. Fr. Keogh was 89. He came to Jamshedpur in January 1948 with Fr. Fasy, Fr. Dineen, Fr. Enright, who started XLRI and Anderson Bakewell. James Keogh and Anderson Bakewell were Scholastics then preparing to become a Jesuit priest. He was ordained a priest on November 21, 1952, and remained in India for the next 40 years.

Fr. Thomas Peacock, SJ, Chemistry teacher and basketball coach at Loyola for the years 1979-96, died on January 12, 2011. He was 78. During the day he taught chemistry and was often seen late evenings, in his trade mark attire, coaching students on the finer points of basketball. As a teacher he is remembered for his spirited devotion and was on his feet throughout his class and never used the chair. Besides basketball, he was a supporter of other sports too... and used to turn up for support in many of our inter school cricket matches that were played on the Beldhi / CNR grounds.

He is missed indeed by those he taught and worked with.

His obituary as published by the

I regret to inform you that Sanjib Banerjee, Sonju to his close friends, Sr Cambridge 1964, passed away on Sunday night, Apr 17, 2011. It seems he died of a heart attack in his sleep. Sanjib was working with Tata Steel and has been in Nagpur for many years, where he chose to settle post retirement. He was a contemporary of Sujoy Basu, Jimmy Gandevia, Ronald D'Costa, Dinesh Upadhyaya et al.


Percy's long struggle with throat cancer came to an end this morning at TMH where he was admitted.

A prayer function will be held at the Parsi Aramgah tomorrow, Sun 10 Jul, at 10 am.