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School assembly area

Fr. Victor Misquith inaugurating the school building

The Class of 1971 had their Reunion in December, 2006. It was then they took a decision to help a makeshift school running at Birsa Basti, a slum little beyond Adarsh Nagar, Sonary. The school, a nursery, has been run by Mrs Manju, a social worker since 2004. In these two years, it shifted from one temporary location to another provided by the local slum dwellers. When Dr. Kailash Dubey heard of the problem, he presented it to his classmates during the 1971 Reunion and they agreed to help.



The 34 enrolled students

The money flowed in slowly but surely, the biggest chunk coming from Mr. Vivian Almeida of Perth, Australia. The one room school was ready in March, 2008 and has been named Sanjeevani School


The School building was inaugurated by Fr. Victor Misquith, President of Loyola Alumni Association and Principal of Loyola School. Fr. Victor Misquith in his inaugural address offered the deserving students from this school a seat in the Loyola Project School, an afternoon school run on Loyola School premises. Mr. Bailey Bodhanwala and Dr. M. N. Bhat, the patrons of the Association were also there for the inaugural function and agreed to support the school. Mr. Vijay Trehan, Capt. P. J. Singh and Dr. K. P. Dubey batch of the 1971 batch announced midday meals and provision for drinking water for the school's children.


The Class of 1971 with invitees



Loyola Tweets

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Monday, 17 April 2017

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Muskan Mascharak, Std XI, won the Championship at Leadership Challenge, an inter school competition organised by Hill Top School

Thursday, 07 January 2016

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