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Dr. Dinesh Upadhyaya, '64, one of the founders of Loyola Alumni Association, was interviewed by The Jamshedpur Telegraph. One of the questions asked is: If you win a lottery, say Rs 10 lakh, how will you spend it? His reponse is interest.

See the full interview in The Jamshedpur Telegraph.

Steel City man is Cambridge HR chief

Inderjit Seehra is The First Indian Official  in the UK Varsity

The HT Jamshedpur Live | Alok Gupta | Jamshedpur, July 4

THE UNIVERSITY of Cambridge has recruited its first Indian origin official belonging to the Sikh community, Inderut Seehra, for the post of human resource director. Seehra, while talking to Hindustan Times from the United Kingdom, explained about the issues and task that he will be undertaking soon.

Seehra will be appointed as the HR director of the university from September 2008. Born in Jamshedpur, Seehra studied in Loyola School for two years before moving to England to complete his secondary education at The Heathland School in West London. He studied at Portsmouth University and Sheffield Business School before graduating with a Masters in Organisational Development.

In 1999, Seehra joined the Civil Service as HR Director for the Crown Prosecution Service. Other postings have included heading the HR and Customer Services portfolio for the Pension Service. Seehra is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a regular speaker at leadership conferences.

Sheera is keenly planning to influence the British government policy makers on turban issue. Currently he is working with Home Office. 'There is dire need to explain the policy makers here that 51kb tradition to wear turban is more about way of living than religion. For some issues there can be more than one right answer, 51kb students are facing problems on wearing turban. We will be working towards resolving it by Influencing the policy makers," he said.

The raging hatred of Britons over Asians taking away jobs wifi be another crucial issue that Seehra will be tackling on the campus. "It's unfortunate that such feeling exists. But mere existence of such hard feelings does not mean its right. The demography of UK requires faces from around the world that can bring international perspective in the profession. Its need is certainly felt by recruiters," he asserted.

Seehra is also nostalgic about Loyola School and is planning to visit the campus very soon. He recalled that in the year 1970-71 it was great fun to study in Loyola School and live in its boarding house. "I do not know why but Loyola School attracts me a lot. Recently I sent an e-mail to the school principal explaining my desire to visit the campus. An answer is awaited from them," Seehra said sounding a bit homesick.

In the same breath he recalled his uncle Darshan Singh Bhamra, a retired personnel manager of Tata Steel. "He used to visit me at Loyola School and he has great influence on my life. Darshan Singh's family used to reside in Bistupur. It was because of him that I chose to enter the HR field," he added. Inderjit Seehra is popularly known as Indi on the campus of University of Cambridge.

18 November 2011


WTO appoints two new Appellate Body members

The WTO Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) appointed on 18 November 2011 the following two new members to the seven-member Appellate Body: Messrs Ujal Singh Bhatia of India and Thomas R. Graham of the United States for four years commencing on 11 December 2011.

I regret to inform you that Sanjib Banerjee, Sonju to his close friends, Sr Cambridge 1964, passed away on Sunday night, Apr 17, 2011. It seems he died of a heart attack in his sleep. Sanjib was working with Tata Steel and has been in Nagpur for many years, where he chose to settle post retirement. He was a contemporary of Sujoy Basu, Jimmy Gandevia, Ronald D'Costa, Dinesh Upadhyaya et al.


Percy's long struggle with throat cancer came to an end this morning at TMH where he was admitted.

A prayer function will be held at the Parsi Aramgah tomorrow, Sun 10 Jul, at 10 am.