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35 years later!

It all started with an almost nonchalant throw away line from R N Dutta: "Let's meet on 30 and 31 December," he said in one of his emails. This line became the idea whose time had come. The enthusiasm was spontaneous and infectious and support grew. Emails flew between computers and these computers were strung across continents: Asia, America, Europe, Africa, Australia. The 1971 batch was on the move and determined not to stop until it had reached its destination in Jamshedpur.

Vivian D'Almeida

April 2006 was a memorable time for me. A trip from Perth, where I am settled, to Brisbane to spend time with my married son, Christopher and his wife Lisa; and also to catch up with my good friend and hostel-mate Joseph James (1969) and wife Jacinta. Joe and his wife had been given a thirty-year wedding anniversary gift by his children and the gift brought then from New Zealand to Brisbane. Some of you reading this might remember Joe as the Mr Loyola winner of 1969. That year he also won the gold medal in the Jesuit Schools Essay competition for his contribution of "Push the doors of life open".

Lighting the Lamp

18th of February, 2007, morning 7am: The LAA Medical team of doctors, pharmacists and volunteers leave in 4 Sumos and a Toyota Qualis for Tepasai via Chaibasa. We have packed breakfast and stopped at Chaibasa for some tea at about 9 am. The road thereafter is along the hilly terrain of the Saranda forests. We reach our destiation at around 10.45 am and are greeted by the school children.


Astad Deboo

Astad Deboo, who graduated from Loyola in the 1964, has been awarded the Padma Shri by Government of India. In all this year, 121 Padma awards were announced, including 10 Padma Vibhushan, 32 Padma Bhushan and 79 Padma Shri awards.


While the Padma Awards list mentions him from Maharashtra, he still has close links with Jamshedpur. Desite his busy schedule, he has often participated in our School and Alumni functions. Last he was here during the JAAI National Congress in October, 2004. Besides, his elder sister still lives in Jamshedpur.

Fr. Vattamattam with a child

Jhilling is small village in Purulia District of West Bengal, about 85 km drive from Jamshedpur. Jhilling, like our other medical camp destinations, is marked by poverty and inaccessibility to modern medical services. We have been visiting them once each year now for many years; maybe not be enough, but some thing is better than nothing.

We started at 7 am, the roads were bad and it took us 3 hours to reach there. We were 11 doctors and 7 volunteers including Fr. AugustineVattamattam. We travelled in 4 Sumos and stopped once en route to have packed breakfast, since the route is devoid of any reasonable dhabas or eateries.