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Pharmacist at Clinic

The LAA run Saturday Free Clinic received a record number of 302 patients on Saturday, August 5, 2006. This is the highest number of patients that it has attended to in its nearly two decades of uninterrupted service.

During monsoon the number of patients visiting their physicians peaks. LAA was also trying to keep up with more than the usual load in the past few weeks, but August 5th was tha highest so far in its history. The Clinic was managing 100-150 patients in th past. This figure gradually rose to 180-200 patients in the last 6 months.

Minutes of the 17th Annual General Meeting of Loyola Alumni Association held on 17th December 2005, at the Fasy Auditorium.

A student of Loyola School, Jamshedpur, Banaras Hindu University and Imperial College, this fellowship completes a unique trio. Dr Chatterjee was honoured as one of the outstanding students of Loyola school during its centenary in 1997. He was also chosen for the Distinguished Alumnus of the Department of Metallurgy, Banaras Hindu University in 1996. The late Mr Sumant Moolgaokar and Tata International’s present chairman Mr Shymal Gupta (both alumni of Imperial College) are amongst of the few from India chosen earlier for this fellowship. Full article.

Jamshedpur, Jan. 23, 2005: Childhood memories of days spent at the steel city and moments with friends flashed across the mind of Mumbai-based education strategist Amar Phadnis as he set foot on the Tatanagar Railway Station.

Full article.

New Delhi, Sept. 13, 2005: After two hours of scanning the ashes of a dead, overweight star in the galaxy, astronomer Yashwant Gupta spotted a celestial child that seems older than its parent. But he’s elated. The age problem, he says, can be resolved.

(Yashwant Gupta is an alumnus of the School , 1978 batch.)

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