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Jamshed J. IraniI am delighted that Loyola School is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year. The school has a strong connection with Tata Steel, since it was at the behest of our former Chairman, Mr. JRD Tata, that the American Jesuits of the Maryland Province, USA, came to Jamshedpur to set up a premier educational institution.

Tata Steel has always demonstrated a high degree of commitment to the well being of society as a whole, and to that of its employees, in particular. The fact that Mr. JRD Tata invited the Jesuits to run a school in Jamshedpur reflects the immense concern that he had for the children of this town. It also confirms that akin to the values of our Founder, he too believed that a sound education alone could help develop the future citizens of India, and make them worthy of our great nation.

It is a matter of great pride that for the past 50 years, Loyola School has done commendable work in providing an excellent education to thousands of children in Jamshedpur. The children of our employees too have benefited immensely from the facilities offered by the school, and it is heartening that today, “Loyoleans” not only occupy positions of importance in Tata Steel, but are making a positive contribution in a variety of roles, all over the world.

I would like to compliment the Principal, the staff and the students of Loyola School for having planned a series of delightful programmes, to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of their school. In doing so, Loyola is reaffirming its commitment to maintaining the high standards of education they are well known for, and of serving Jamshedpur for long years ahead.

I wish you all well.

Jamshed J. Irani

Managing Director
Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited

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Thursday, 07 January 2016

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