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Visiting teachers from Oriel High School, UK

Loyola School is celebrating internationalism and globalization. The school has formed a thriving partnership with Oriel High School in Crawley, United Kingdom, and the students are on a roll with loads of international and intercultural activities to keep them engaged.

Two teachers from Oriel High School came to Loyola School on an exchange visit. The partnership has been funded by the British Council as part of the Connecting Classrooms Reciprocal Visit Programme. The purpose of the visit is to share the best practices with each other.

A plethora of activities took place during their four day visit which included observing classes, witnessing debates, dramatic, quiz and talk shows, traditional games, meetings with Alumni members and interaction with the staff.

Both teachers worked with the students on various mutually beneficial projects.

The students also put up an arts exhibition for the visitors, which left them open mouthed.

Visiting teachers from Oriel High School, UK, at a function in Loyola