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Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations

ICSE, Appeared 216, All Passed

ISC, Appeared 177, All Passed


First Shruti Rajalakshmi 97.6 %
Second Raman Prasad 96.8 %
Third Akashleena Sarkar 96.6 %
ISC Science
First Srijon Guha 95 %
Second Kumar Sambhava 94.75 %
  Aniruddh Mahashabde 94.75 %
  Bhaskar Tejasvi 94.75 %
Third Shubham Kumar Pandey 94.5 %
  Kanishk Shekhar 94.5 %
ISC Commerce
First Varnita Shah 93 %
Second Ritu Agarwal 91.5 %
Third Indranil Ganguly 90.5 %
ISC Arts
First Harsha Puja Joseph 90.5 %
Second Sanjana Nandi 89.75 %
Third Rajashree Pandey 82.75%


Loyola Tweets

Loyola School dedicates ‘Gerald Durrell Corner’ to spread awareness on conservation

Monday, 17 April 2017

Mrs Helen D'Souza, retired kindergarten teacher passed away in B'lore on 12 Apr. She was class teacher of KG-A & si……

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Muskan Mascharak, Std XI, won the Championship at Leadership Challenge, an inter school competition organised by Hill Top School

Thursday, 07 January 2016

Word of the Day

  • buttonhole
    Definition: (verb) Detain in conversation by or as if by holding on to the outer garments of; as for political or economic favors.
    Synonyms: lobby.
    Usage: It is not easy to buttonhole her for an interview.

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