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The Knowledge Centre: Rules and Regulations

School libraries are designed to function and operate as an integral part of the educational programme at all levels. They maintain their specific identity in fulfilling the academic requirements of the students. Hence, some norms have been formulated for the smooth functioning of the library.

  1. Maintain absolute silence. No Group studies.
  2. Plus two students may use the library at any time in their free periods. Only Students who are interested in reading will be allowed in the library.
  3. Reference books cannot be taken out of the library.
  4. To issue a book you must have an Identity Card.
  5. Only two books are allowed for a week. You can re-issue the same book for another week if no one has made a request for the Same book for another week. However, you should return the book immediately, if the librarian asks for it.
  6. If the book is not returned on the due date, a fine of Rupee 1 per book per day will be charged.
  7. Books lost must be replaced, books damaged will be charged.
  8. You are allowed to issue books for yourself only. Students are not permitted to lend books issued to them, to any other student or an outsider.
  9. Check the book before issuing and ensure that it is in good condition and having the correct issue card inside.
  10. Keep your bags and water bottles outside the respective reading rooms you enter.
  11. Handle the books carefully and keep them back in their specified location.
  12. Students are not permitted to enter the reading rooms, with their personal text books.
  13. Internet facility will be available only for academic purpose.

Be fair. Follow the rules. Maintain discipline in the library.
All these will help you to use the library at its best.