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A poem by Nikita Chatterjee, XII ‘A’

Source: The Loyolean, Chp 6, Vol II, 2006 

The dream where the aim is hidden

Is not the limit of achievement

It may be just for the time being,

A matter of contentment.

Are the limits the end?

Or is it what people just pretend?

The question remains just there

But the limits stop us everywhere

Ask the sky where it ends,

Ask the lender what it lends,

Ask the evil what it tends.

Are they all limits friends?

Do you expect to limit the dreams?

If not then why do you lean?

Limit the love, feel the life

You discover and taste the strife,

It’s just a wish as a human want,

Don’t limit the dreams as I cant.

For your sake, let yourself fly

Above the limits, we’ll go for the next try

Let me end and limit my words.

For we are the prey of limits curse.

It will soon come back with no limitation,

And the next come back will bring more expectation.