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The Loyola Press Club (LPC) interviewed ex-loyolean Yashwant Gupta, head scientist in NCRA, about his experiences in the school and further advice for budding scientists in Astronomy.

Source: The Loyolean, Chp 6, Vol II, 2006 

L.P.C. Where do you work and what exactly do you do?

Y.G. I'm the head scientist in NCRA or the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics in Pune, and I handle the GMWT, the Biggest Radio Telescope in India.

L.P.C. What is your research area?

Y.G. My research area is restricted to Radio Astronomy.

L.P.C. What has been your recent ground breaking discovery?

Y.G. We were lucky enough to spot extremely rare objects called pulsars in supernova remnants NGC- 185.

L.P.C. What is like to have a job of a research scientist?

Y.G. Its not a job, its more of an obsession. Its not work, it's always exciting and fun. It is very frustrating at times but the struggle itself is enjoyable in the end.

L.P.C. What is the future of Astrophysics in India?

Y.G. It has scope, but it depends on the students, whether they choose research over more lucrative options.

L.P.C. What are your views on Loyola School, now as compared to your time?

Y.G. Well its similar, except we didn't have girls. The school is bigger, with more students but the character and behaviour remains the same.

L.P.C. What were your feelings when you came back?

Y.G. This is the first time that I came back since 1978, so it was very emotional. I felt very nostalgic, as I went up the staircase to the telescope like old times in the astronomy club. The feeling can't be put in words.

L.P.C. What has been the role of the Astronomy club, in your success?

Y. G. It plays a very big role not only in my success, but also in shaping my life. It created an interest in me when I was a child. It has had a big influence.

L.P.C. What do you think of the club as it is now?

Y.G. The students are interested, lots of them (I was shocked by the number). You know much more than we did, proving that the club is extremely active.

L.P.C. What is your advice to budding Astronomers?

Y.G. It might not be easy, but he enthusiastic and passionate, hard working and you will be rewarded.

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