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Welcome to another edition of Club Watch. Accused of being too harsh on the clubs, were pleased to tell you that we have employed the services of a private investigator who calls himself Verasi T. who also has a faithful canine companion called Candor. Together they've managed to put together an extensive report on club activities this past year. As in each edition we have two indexes (out of 10 each) called the VI (visibility index) and the GPI (general performance index). While the VI tells us how public the club has been, the GPI is the true measure of the value of a club. Also the list of moderators are present in our school diary.

Source: The Loyolean, Chp 6, Vol II, 2006

(To understand what the Verdicts mean, please refer to the table at the end)

Maths Club

VI – 1

GPI – 2.5


Major Events – Maths Fest, Maths Maestro

No of Members – 75

No of Meetings (05-06) – 15 to 20

Attendance Record – Yes

Verdict – The Titanic

In a reversal of roles the LPC team had to play with numbers and unfortunately they don't add up favorably for the Maths Club.

GK Club

VI – 4

GPI – 5

Major Events – Intra-School Quizzes,

‘ Battle of The Minds'

No of Members – 25

No of Meetings (05-06) – 35 to 40

Attendance Record – Yes

Verdict – Active

It is heartening to see quizzing coming back to life.

Entertainment Club

VI – 0.5

GPI – 1

Major Event – Activity 2005

No of Members – 80

No of Meetings (05-06) – 15 to 20

Attendance Record – Yes

Verdict – The Titanic

When we added up the stats, the results didn't paint a very colourful picture nor a very entertaining one.

Jyoti Club

VI – 5

GPI – 4

Major Events – Basketball Tournament, Social Commitments.

No of Members – 90

No of Meetings (05-06) – 15 to 20

Attendance Record – Yes

Verdict – Active

The Jyoti of the basketball fame will have to just jump higher next time.

Library Club

VI – 4

GPI – 6

Major Events – Literature Quizzes, Weekly Book Reviews.

No of Members – 35

No of Meetings (05-06) – 30 to 35

Attendance Record – No

Verdict – Active

Inculcating a very essential habit in Loyoleans, we wish the Library Club all the best for this year.


Chemistry Club

VI – 1

GPI – 1

Major Event – Chemquest

No of Members – 20

No of Meetings (05-06) – 5to 10

Attendance Record – Yes

Verdict – Pterodactyl

The Inert gases have taken over the Chemistry Club With less than 10 meetings in one year, we wonder what happened to all the reactive oxygen in the air around the Chemistry club members.

Interact Club

VI – 8

GPI - 7

Major Events – Paper Drive , LEMOD,

Interactions, Old Clothes Drive

No of Members – 85

No of Meetings (05-06) – 80 to 85

Attendance Record – Yes

Verdict – Nuclear Reactor

All play and no work makes a Loyolean an ideal Interact member! Kudos to the Interact Club for their Social commitments though.

Comp Science Club

VI – 7.5

GPI – 7

Major Events – Abacus, Intra School Quizzes

No of Members – 50

No of Meetings (05-06) – 35 to 40

Attendance Record – Yes

Verdict – Beehive

The Computer Club is very much up to date with all circuits functioning properly and the processors working at optimum speeds.

Biology Chapter

VI – 0.5

GPI – 1

Major Events – Biology Quiz (Neuron), Blood Donation Camp

NoofMembers – 20

No of Meetings (05-06) 5 to l0

Attendance Record – No

Verdict – Pterodactyl

Threatened...endangered... approaching extinction? Lets wait and watch.


Astronomy Club

VI – 4

GPI – 4.5

Major Events – Science for Society camp

No of Members – 40

No of Meetings (05-06) – 2 overnights

No of Teaching Sessions – 7

Attendance Record – No

Verdict – The Titanic

Four years ago ex-Loyoleans would have laughed at us if we said the astronomy club had only two overnights. A pitiful state the club is in today. But there is one positive perspective – there's no place to go now but up.

Biology Club
Debating Club
Duke of Edinburgh
Geography Club
Philatelic Club
Physics Club
Science Club

Major Event – Ha, you must be joking.

No of Active Members – Zilch

No of Meetings – Please refer to point 1

Attendance Record – For what?

Verdict – Mohenjodaro

Nuclear Reactor: That's right, the most active clubs which are just brimming with energy

Beehive: Diligent members, regular meetings and an effective leadership structure

Active: Walking the tightrope, on the border.

The Titanic: The ship's sunk or sinking but hope lingers.

Pterodactyl: From the time of the dinosaurs, extinct.

Mohenjodaro: The city of the dead.

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