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A few major events ...

Source: The Loyolean, Chp 6, Vol II, 2006 

Last day of school

The 22nd of December was observed with great pomp and show in Loyola school, mingled with a touch of nostalgia. The youngsters were enthused and excited for their forthcoming winter vacations, and on the other hand the 12th standard students possessed feelings of joy and sorrow together, for it was their last day of school. The day started off with the traditional ‘long assembly’ where few of the students of the out going batch shared their experiences of their past years in school, which they will cherish for the rest of their lives. The students then assembled on the basketball court for the ‘Christmas play’, which was enacted by the school students. After the play the school was dismissed leaving the 12th standard students to enjoy their last day in uniform and to keep the spirit of Loyola in their hearts forever.


On the 18th of January 2006, the 11th standard students bid farewell to their seniors. The evening started off with a very exciting dance performance by the students. Throughout the evening the students were entertained with many lively song and dance performances. The show came to an end with the skit put up by the students mimicking their seniors. There was also a ramp walk for the 12th standard after which, Neha Singh won the Ms. Farewell title and Jashandeep Singh won the Mr. Farewell title.

Graduation Dinner

The graduation dinner for the 12th standard students was held on the 24h of January 2006. The evening started with the ‘batch walk’ headed by the Principal, Vice Principal, Fr. Rector and the school president, Tarush Agarwal. The teachers put up a programme for the students, which they enjoyed thoroughly. There were also many games that the students played with the teachers. The students not only enjoyed the games and the programme but also the scrumptious dinner that was served for them. Tarush Agarwal was crowned ‘Grad King’ and Richa Kumar was crowned ‘Grad Queen’ this year.

 Visit to Tata Steel

The Chemistry Club of Loyola school organized a visit to the Tata Steel works on the 19th of December 2005. The 12th Standard members of the club were shown the ‘G-blast furnace’, ‘Hot Strip Mill’ and the ‘Cold Rolling Mill’. This was a great learning experience for the students and they thank the Tata Steel officials for organizing this visit for them.

 Sports Day

Like every year, this year as well the Loyola school sports clay was a grand success. At Loyola, sports are given immense amount of importance. Thus, every year sports day is celebrated with great enthusiasm by all the students. On the 17th of December 2005, all the students, right from KG to standard 12, arrived at the J.R.D Tata sports stadium. The clay started off with the opening ceremony, where the Chief Guest of the day unfurled the sports flag, after which the very impressive march past took place. Since 2005 was said to be the international year of physics, the formation that the students made was that of Einstein’s formulae for energy. The whole evening was filled with a number of track and field events for the students. There were also special events held for the faculty members, the ex-students and the sub-staff members. The sports meet ended with the closing ceremony after which all the students sang the Loyola school anthem with pride.

 Graduation Nite

The Graduation Nite for the students of the 10th standard at Loyola was held on the 28th of January 2006. The evening began with the students marching into the gallery after which they were presented with a certificate and a school memento. There was also a candle lighting ceremony after which Teacher Dorothy D’Souza and Mrs. Jaya Swaminathan. A parent said prayers for the students. The evening ended with the School Anthem being sung by the students around the parents.

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