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Teacher Iola Gabriel has been part of our school for wore than 35 years, and as she leaves us, we pay tribute to all she has done for our school.

Source: The Loyolean, Chp 6, Vol II, 2006  

LPC: When did you join Loyola?

Tr. Iola: I joined Loyola in January of 1971, as a secretary in the senior block, and later came to work here in the primary block of the school.

LPC: How is it different not being part of the teaching staff but working in the office?

Tr. Iola: Vvrll, lye rirver taught in classrooms, so I’m not really in  position to compare the two positions. But I believe that the teachers are doing a tremendous job. It is an onerous responsibility to mold and train these young minds. 1 like my position in the office very much.

LPC: Do you get to interact enough with students and what has that experience been like?

Tr. Iola: Ycs, I (10 have opportunities to talk to the students often. I quite enjoy their pranks and baby talk. (Laughs) But more than once, I’ve be’en shocked at their answers, absolutely brilliant, for their age.

LPC: What has been one of your treasured memories here in Loyola?

Tr. Iola: That would definitely be the year I completed twenty-five years here, in 1995. That was a momentous occasion for me.

LPC: What is your opinion of Loyola going co-ed at the junior level?

Tr. Iola: Oh, I like it very much. The interaction of boys and girls at all ages is necessary, I think. The whole world is changing, and it only makes sense that Loyola changes with it.

LPC: What message would you like to give to the students of Loyola?

Tr. Iola: Work hard, remember that nothing comes easy. But once you achieve your goal, savor that happiness.

LPC: Thank you Teacher Iola for being such an important part of our school for so many years. We shall certainly miss you.

Tr. Iola: Thank you.

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