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Darjeeling has been facing a crisis due to political issues, which has resulted in the city being isolated due to economic blockade. The people of this beautiful city are suffering from poverty, hunger and disease.

The Alumni Association of St Joseph’s School, Northpoint, Darjeeling (which is a school run by the Jesuit Fathers) has come forward to help the people in need. They have opened community kitchens which are providing free food to the hungry.

Loyola School, Jamshedpur and Loyola Alumni Association are jointly lending a helping hand in this philanthropic work.

More than 3000 students of Loyola School have supported this noble cause and have contributed 1 kg of Rice & ½ kg of Dal. Some students have donated Sacks of rice / dal. The Loyola Alumni Association members have collected more than 1 Lakh Rupees to arrange for buying Cooking Oil and arranging for the transportation of material which is being sent to Jesuit Residence, Matiagara, Siliguri. The relief material will then be distributed by Alumni Association of St. Joseph’s School, North Point, Darjeeling.

KPS Schools at Kadma, Gamharia, Burmamines & NML have come forward for this Philanthropic cause and have sent sacks of rice & dal to Loyola School. Greenfield School, Kadma & Sonari are also collecting relief material which will be sent Loyola School. Appeal for contribution has also been sent by Sacred Heart Convent & Carmel School.

The first truck with relief material was flagged today from Loyola School after the Morning Assembly. Fr. Pius Fernandes, Principal, Mr. Rajiv Talwar, Vice President, Loyola Alumni Association and Ms. Suraiya Khanam, School President jointly did the honors. More than 2000 students from High school, teachers, Alumni members, Mr. Ronald D’Costa, Mr. Mahender Gupta, Mr. Savak Patel, Mr. Manish Bhauka & Mr. Vishal Sawa were present on this occasion.

We are planning to send at least 2 more truck load of food material to Darjeeling. The second truck to Darjeeling will be flagged off by Saturday 26th August, 2017. Sharing some pictures of today's event.

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