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A poem by Onam Priyadarshini, XII ‘B’

Source: The Loyolean, Chp 6, Vol II, 2006

The boards got over and hardly did I realize
Twas the last time I was wearing my uniform,
For the last time were we addressed by father
On the same raised platform.

I turned around to discuss the paper with
All my mates,
And within minutes we were all diverging
Through the school gates.

It was as if I was crossing,
A dreaded threshold,
To enter the world all alone,
To he strong and to be bold.

How unceremonious my exit was as my
Entry had been in this school,
Where the days spent and the moments,
Were simply wonderful.

All those instances of pure joy
I’d like to relive,
And to all things that matter,
I’d have a message to give.

Each and every day spent here
Was full of life and fun
I wish my journey had not ended
But only just begun.

To every person who made a difference
Just by mere presence,
To every bough that gives the premises,
The distinct homely fragrance.

To the red stage which gives pale yellow
A striking dash of colour,
To the corridors where we witnessed
Astounding acts of valour.

To the statue in the middle of the triangle,
All I’d like to say,
‘Its because of you that our school is and will
Always he this way.’

The classroom, the classes and the time that
Together we spent before,
Friends, classroom and teachers who I’ll
Miss forever and more.

I just wish they could all come back
But I know that’s not about to be,
And all I have to depend on is this
Fragment of memory.

However if you feel the same,
A stinging sense of nostalgia,
Its because more than everything else
You’ll always ‘LOVE LOYOLA!’

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