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Its activities included meetings, dinners, picnics, felicitations, career talks, attending Calcutta Chapter get-togethers, zonal meetings, First All India Congress of Jesuit Alumni at St. Xavier's College, Calcutta. Also, Astad Deboo's Dance Show to purchase Oric computers for the School with the collection from the Souvenir, getting help from Dr. Jamshed J. Irani to build the New Science Labs. on the top floor, help prepare the temporary canteen and donate two kiosks, and get aid from Tata Tubes Division to build the cycle and scooter stands in 1985-86.

In order to build up a fund, Life Membership fee of Rs. 250 per member was introduced. Today the same is Rs. 1-5,000 per member.

The LAA continued to prosper under the able guidance of Fr. Eric Cassel, S.J. who took over as Principal from July 1987. Five years later, on July 9, 1992, the responsibility of guiding the destiny of LAA fell on the shoulders of Fr. Pius Fernandes, S.J. when he succeeded Fr. Cassel as principal of Loyola School. In the last six years (1994-2000) LAA has made astounding progress. Its total membership is nearly 500 and is increasing steadily. The Alumni Free Clinic started in the time of Fr. Vaz, is continuing to give free medical advice and medicines to the poor patients attending it. Now even T.B. patients are being given free medicines, thanks to the generosity of a Loyola Alumnus. Credit goes to Fr. Pius, President, and the dedicated Alumni doctors and volunteers who give uninterrupted and selfless service on Saturdays from 4.30 p.m to 5.30 p.m.

Now LAA has to its credit many out-reach programmes in the neighbouring villages - Jilling Charhi, Lupungutu. There they hold periodical Health Check-up Camps and once a year, perform successful cataract operations on the villagers at Lupungutu.

LAA is also working in collaboration with the Vocational Training Centre at Loyola, to train underprivileged boys and girls in sewing, typing and making machine knitted sweaters. They also have plans to train these youngsters as car and TV mechanics, waiters, gardeners, electricians... by drawing on the contacts of other LAA members. This is to help them become self-employed after their academic education.

Of late, the alumni have been reaching out even further. They started LAA Chapters in Delhi and Mumbai, and quite recently, Fr. Pius and Dr. Kailash Dubey started several Chapters in the different cities of the U.S.A.

The Core Committee meets 6 times a year, while twice a year, the General Body Meeting is held.

Giant steps have been taken under the Secretaryship of Dr. Dubey. Mr. Sudhir Amin and Dr. Surojit De are the Vice-President and Jt. Secretary respectively, of the Federation of Jesuit Alumni/Ae Associations of India.

Efforts are being made to bring more and more Loyola alumnae under the umbrella of LAA to foster in them a sense of belonging to their 'alma mater' and to tap their energy, time and resources to help their Association work for the welfare of the poor and the marginalised of India and for a better social order.

All the Best, LAA!

Three cheers for you, LAA.