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What makes the Loyola Alumni Association unique is that its members are not just Corporate Czars ready to write out fat cheques for their alma mater in a bid to pay off their debt to the institution that nurtured them. LAA has always come up with  initiatives that are zara hat ke

Faced with the challenge of keeping children engaged when teachers go on leave and not wanting to burden the other teachers with additional classes, the school management approached LAA for suggestions and the members came up with the idea of volunteering their time for the school and its students.

And suddenly ‘free periods’ have taken on a whole new meaning.

Many alumni members have stepped forward to take classes, and have gone beyond conventional lessons to guide students on choosing the right career or shared motivational mantras with them or trained them on public speaking or quizzed them on General Knowledge or even shared an unforgettable experience from their own lives.

The idea is to broaden students’ horizons and open new windows of thinking in their minds.

The initiative though in its teething stage has already produced multiple benefits. It has not only given the alumni a unique platform to pay back their alma mater, it has also helped them connect with the current generation and share their knowledge. Also, it has  infused a sense of pride in the students when they see their school alumni so successful in life and so generous in giving back to society. We can now bask in the satisfaction that we have become true role models for the younger generation.

As the leader amongst educational institutions in the Steel City, Loyola has once again led the way in demonstrating that education goes far beyond text books and examinations and that what is a challenge to many, can be converted into a great opportunity.

This initiative has been widely appreciated in the local newspapers.

We, the members of LAA, are proud to be a part of this unique initiative.