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Loyola School, Jamshedpur was started in January 1947 and Fr. Cecil Leeming, S.J. was its first principal. The Loyola Alumni Association (LAA) really began with the graduation of the first student, T. Srinivasan, in 1951.

As years rolled by the LAA threw its doors open to boys who had to leave before graduation because their fathers got transferred, or had to leave to switch over to the Matriculation course.

During his 34 years at Loyola (1950 - 84), Fr. Edward Dineen, S.J. was the contact person for the Old Boys (Alumni). He had a cardex file on each ex-Loyolean - his name, years at loyola, Year of graduation, colleges he studied in, the work he was doing, marital status,... listed on it. He updated these (cardex) whenever an ex-Loyolean visited him. The other Jesuit Fathers came and went, but Fr. Dineen remained to welcome them.

In 1982 the Old Boys met to bid farewell to Fr. Eugene Power, S.J. who was transferred to Allahabad Seminary, and to discuss ways to collect funds for the completion of Fasy Auditorium. They staged two plays and collected advertisements for the souvenir to realise a good amount.

Fr. Rocky Vaz, S.J., an ex-Loyolean, became Rector - Principal of Loyola in March 1983. The old boys involved in the above mentioned two projects, requested him to bring together more old boys and activate the Loyola Old Boys' Association. At one of the meetings it was decided to rename it Loyola Alumni Association.