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Darjeeling has been facing a crisis due to political issues, which has resulted in the city being isolated due to economic blockade. The people of this beautiful city are suffering from poverty, hunger and disease.

The Alumni Association of St Joseph’s School, Northpoint, Darjeeling (which is a school run by the Jesuit Fathers) has come forward to help the people in need. They have opened community kitchens which are providing free food to the hungry.

Loyola School, Jamshedpur and Loyola Alumni Association are jointly lending a helping hand in this philanthropic work.

I arrived in Loyola on the 16th of December, 1963. I was received  at the gate by Fr. Kennedy, the Rector and Principal at that time. He picked up my tin box. He said to me  “Paul, follow me”, as he walked into the school campus with a briskness that one could not but notice. 

The name Fr. Graham awakens many wonderful memories in me. I was a religious with the Irish Patrician brothers when I left them, to work in Jamshedpur to look after my alcoholic father’s five children. I found a friend in Fr. Graham. I think he was teaching Maths at that time. He did not treat me like a layman. He treated me like one of his own. We often went walking in the evening. We discussed everything under the sun.

Vineet BhattThey stood on the ‘red stage’, their bosom full of pride,

In colourful attire they came, their head held high. 

The sun shone upon them brightly, the zephyrs fanned them mildly, 

The atmosphere was replete with joy, every man standing had the heart of a boy.

In that moment of glory and bliss, from the sky descended a cry 

... Jai Loyola, Jai Loyola. 

Bhaswar MukherjeeThey came from all over the world; Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Atlanta, San Francisco, Geneva, Manchester. Wherever and whenever they could manage connections; air, train and by road. Some had planned well in advance and could not yet make it. For some, it was an impromptu decision. Others tore themselves away from work even if for a day to be with their buddies. For some spouses and children, “Dad’s enthusiasm” was infectious. They came too! All roads lead to Jamshedpur, the steel city of the East, where all were congregating from 17th to 20th Dec 2015 for a reunion. The batch of Loyoleans, circa 1978- thirty seven years after they had walked out from the hallowed portals of the Loyola school gates, the arch above which read “In His Service.” 

George ThomasThe year was 1968.A cold wintry morning in the month of January.A group of tiny little boys, suddenly, found themselves transported to another World!A World that they would live in for 11 years. A World that would then Live With Them for the rest of their lives! Loyola, Loyola, we’ll sing a proud refrain…

Nary a day went by, when they didn’t remember the world that they had left behind. The world that had meant so much to them! The world that had given them friends and memories to live with for the rest of their Lives. They returned on 17th  December, to reclaim those Memories.Loyola, Loyola, till the echoes ring again!