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The ISC results are out. In the absence a good colleges in Jamshedpur, most Loyoleans will venture out seeking a degree that will offer them a promise of a bright and secure future. In the next few weeks thay will have to choose a course, a college, a city, and a place to stay if a hostel is not available. Not an easy period for the students or their parents.

Not an unknown situation. The anxiety gets repeated every year for successive batches and their parents. Recognising the problem, Loyola Alumni Association (LAA) circulated an appeal on the internet inviting volunteers to guide the 2008 batch. The appeal was emailed to the different Yahoo! email groups, posted on Orkut and on this website. It was primarily aimed at the Loyola 2002-07 batches, who are already studying in different colleges across the country and abroad. In this maiden year of this initiatve, 43 Loyoleans have offered their assistance with respect to their college / city to their juniors from Loyola School.

The names, colleges and contact details of the volunteers have been emailed to the 2008 batch;  a hard copy has also been posted to them. The list consists of both boys and girls and a wide choice of interesting courses, institutions and locations that they are pursuing. Hopefully, it will be of great help to the Loyola 2008 batch.