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Golden Jubilee Souvenir

All articles from the Golden Jubilee Souvenir published in 1997.

Fr. Power in Dec. 2006Dear Arrow Sinha Roy (Class of 1957) and my millions of friends in Jamshedpur and other parts of India,

It is 10 minutes all eleven a.m., Dec. 9, 2006. I sit in my room to write a letter to people whose faces and names are now fading into the dream of the past, the many years I spend in the lovely land of Singhbhum, in Jamshedpur and other places.

Those 43 years were the heart of my life but at age 87 my memory plays tricks on me and I have to struggle to recreate that dream world. Of course, soon, when I get to heaven, it will all come back and again all my old friends will join me there and our old memories will be sharp and it will all come back to us.

Francis FanthomeLoyola School, Jamshedpur, today symbolises commitment to the attainment of all-round educational excellence.

The Golden Jubilee of the institution is, therefore, an occasion of much joy for us as we have been partners with the school over the past five decades in this endeavour.

Jamshed J. IraniI am delighted that Loyola School is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year. The school has a strong connection with Tata Steel, since it was at the behest of our former Chairman, Mr. JRD Tata, that the American Jesuits of the Maryland Province, USA, came to Jamshedpur to set up a premier educational institution.

Arun BhagatLoyola School completes 50 years in January 1997. It is significant that the Golden Jubilee of the School coincides with the Golden Jubilee of the freedom of our country. There is, therefore, just cause for jubilation that Loyola School, which started with just a few students in 1947, has now more than 2300 students on the rolls.

Charlie PereiraIt gives me great joy to offer congratulations to the School — the students, the teachers and the administration on the occasion of its Golden jubilee. A school is a place where the God-given talents in the students are recognised, nurtured, and led to flourish and fructify.

Joseph NjarakulamDear Loyoleans,

As we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Loyola, we have many things to thank God for:

we have had very good results in the past, our past students have done well in life, we have had full cooperation from the parents, good interpersonal relations between the teachers and the students, teachers and parents, staff and administration. Other educational institutions look upto us for leadership in the field of education and innovative approaches to teaching and guidance of the students.

Pius FernandesAs I reminisce over the fifty glorious years of Loyola’s existence and growth, my heart fills with love, admiration and pride for the fertile soil which the school provides to the five-year olds, who enter its portals for the first time in Kindergarten, to leave as responsible human beings.

From classes in a bus and makeshift rooms in the Chotanagpur Club in 1947, Loyola now makes excellent facilities available to its students in impressive buildings.

Peter-Hans KolvenbachDear Father Fernandes,


Your letter dated 17 October, 1996 bearing the good news of the Golden Jubilee of Loyola School brought me much joy. The pleasant memories of my visit to your school last year are still fresh in my mind. I vividly remember the enthusiasm of the students, the dedication of the staff and the zeal of the Jesuits serving in the school. It is, therefore, with great pleasure that I send you my felicitations on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee. This is an occasion not only to thank the lord for the enormous amount of good that has been accomplished in and through the school during these fifty years but also to recall with gratitude so many men and women who have been instrumental in its growth and progress.

Aditi Simlai (1996)Today, like the rest of my class of 1996, I am trying my best to cope with the rigours of 1st year at college. Fresh out of school, the challenges of living away from home are many but I am sure that all of us are doing well in life at this stage. But given a chance, I think some of us would like to re live our school days and I happen to be one of those.

Still I wish I could go back to school, especially the last 2 years — the time I spent at Loyola.