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Little known facts about the splendor of Loyola School, Jamshedpur. Period: 1954 to 1969.

This is written as a tribute to Rev. Fr. Hess, S. J. whose Birthday falls on October 10 and for the other subsequent Principals that followed him.

At the end of the year 1954 in December, Fr. Hess invited all the faculty members to Luncheon in the Banquet Hall of the Beldih Club. This was the first of this kind to occur in Loyola that reminds us that it is comparable to any Luncheons given by the Head of a country to the dignitaries. The Dining Tables had very neatly spread immaculately white Table cloths and the names of the faculty members placed on them to indicate who sits where, taking care that there is proper inter mingling of the dining partners. Just imagine this scenario!

The Luncheon began with a toast and ended with speech by Fr. Hess as a Christmas message for the well being of the faculty.

The last one of such banquets was provided by Fr. K. M. Judge in 1969 with the same fervor. I remember Fr. Judge walking to me and Mrs. Devi after lunch to say how much we would miss Mr. Rao's Beni Merenti Award ceremony few days later. It so happened that Mrs. Devi and I were leaving for Vizag before that event, which was announced after we booked our tickets. Mr. Rao insisted that we should go ahead according to the schedule, although I said I would Postpone the journey, and that he would join us in Vizag soon after that.. The result was Mrs. Devi and I did not witness that award giving ceremony!

The venue for subsequent lunches from 1970 onwards was Loyola Corridor near Fathers' kitchen or in the Hostel Dining Room. The Date also was changed from December to July 31, St. Ignatius' Day and is comparable with Buffet lunches given during wedding ceremonies.Faculty members who joined Loyola in 1970 and onwards do not know what a grandeur they missed in their life! Thank you Dear Rev. Fr. Hess and all that followed him for this wonderful experience. May your soul Rest In Peace.

Mr. Narasimham Ayalasomayajula, more polularly known as Mr. Arun, and Mrs. Devi now live in Sacramento, CA, USA. Contact them.