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In 1953 the management of the Tata Iron and Steel Company allotted three houses for Loyola Faculty in Kadma and B H Area locations. It was indeed a privilege for us to dwell in the TISCO houses, because they were exclusively allotted for their employees only. This could happen because of the friendship between Rev. Fr. George A Hess S. J., the Rector-Principal of Loyola and the then General Manager to the TISCO, Mr. Neil Hailey, who was from City of Gary, Indiana.

Also, the TISCO management offered Loyola a site on lease for the construction of the houses for its staff members. It was a magnanimous offer indeed and they suggested that the school could choose one of the two areas for the buildings. One of them was between the TISCO Aerodrome and  Sonari area and the other one was near the “Garam Nala” in Sakchi.

Mr. Arun Narasimhan at Loyola Flats

One fine morning, in the first quarter of the year 1954, Fr. Hess invited me, Mr. A. L. N. Rao, and Mr. R. S. Pandey to see those sites and to give him our opinion and approval. He took us to those two sites in the roomy Ambassador car of the House. This revealed his gracious nature!

The site, a flat ground near the Aerodrome was quite far from Loyola School, although better suited and ready for construction of the buildings. There were no other houses around it at that time. From there, Fr. Hess took us to the Sakchi site. It was grossly uneven site, sloping steeply towards the open Garam Nala. Some truck drivers sometimes washed their vehicles in it. In late 60s or early 70s, this wide open drain was concealed and covered with concrete!

While we were inspecting the ground, Fr. Hess said that the TISCO would give this site to the school after leveling it perfectly, if we chose it. I liked the place personally because it was near the Keenan Stadium, where I used to play Hockey! Besides, it is near the Sacred Heart Convent School too and much nearer to Loyola than the Sonari site. All three of us unanimously approved the Sakchi site, which Fr. Hess also endorsed it at once! 

The moment Fr. Hess indicated his choice to the TISCO authorities, leveling of the ground took place almost immediately. With the superb designs made by Rev. Fr. McFarland, three buildings stood gracefully on Straight Mile Road, Sakchi in 1957. Thus, an open, rugged and uneven terrain was transformed into a beautiful landscape to which the nearby Jubilee Park added more importance Fr. McFarland was also known as Father Engineer, having designed the famous Loyola School, Jamshedpur and Loyola College, Vijayawada in Andhra!  Loyola Staff Members moved into them in August 1957 and lived in harmony for several years. 

As years rolled on and as teachers left Loyola Flats for one reason or other, there were new occupants in them presently. The location is not known as Loyola Flats any more. Now they became a citadel and got a new name, “Loyola Nivas”. The Flats became the accommodation for Jesuit Fathers. Mrs. Devi and I visited Rev. Fr. Eric Cassel on this campus in 2012.  He resided in the Flat which was previously occupied by Mr. S. Narang and Mrs. M. Narang.  

Time brings great changes, indeed! Really!