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School assembly area

The Loyola Coaching Centre was started on November 2nd, 1992 by Fr. G. Alex, S.J. It caters to the marginalized and underprivileged students of the neighbourhood. At present the total strength of the Centre is nearly 500.

This Centre conducts tutorial classes for school-going students and prepares drop-outs for the National Open School Examination. Non-school going children and the working youth also benefit from the coaching classes. It provides ample opportunities for them to realize their inherent talents, self-identity and self-respect through different activities.

Recently a Vocational Training Centre has been started which imparts knowledge in different skills like typing and tailoring.

Assembly at the Coaching Centre

Loyola Tweets

Loyola School dedicates ‘Gerald Durrell Corner’ to spread awareness on conservation

Monday, 17 April 2017

Mrs Helen D'Souza, retired kindergarten teacher passed away in B'lore on 12 Apr. She was class teacher of KG-A & si……

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Muskan Mascharak, Std XI, won the Championship at Leadership Challenge, an inter school competition organised by Hill Top School

Thursday, 07 January 2016

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  • debonair
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    Synonyms: suave.
    Usage: Like other girls she had her dreams of a possible Prince Charming, young and handsome and debonair.

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  • George Halas
    "Nothing is work unless you'd rather be doing something else."