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Dhun GocalAmong the several unique features at Loyola Reading Lab happens to be one of them. One who knows nothing about Reading Lab may imagine a big laboratory where children are made to sit and read something. It is a totally wrong idea. The Reading Lab is a multi-purpose programme where the students acquire several skills.

It is a programme for self-development where a child reads at his own level and at his own pace. In an ordinary classroom all students read the same lesson at the same time. Whereas, in Reading Lab they have a wide variety of topics to choose from, so that a student can pick a subject of his own choice.

The Reading Lab has three parts: Power Builders, Rate Builders and Listening Skill Builders. The Reading Lab, having been divided into several levels marked by a range of colours, enables a student not only to improve his own vocabulary and learn good English, but also get several new ideas, learn about inventions, different customs, about rare animals, birds, sports and folk-lore of different countries of the world.

Besides all this the student corrects his own work himself with the help of Key-cards and tries to improve his performance to reach higher levels. The Rate Builders are speed tests which teach children to work within a limited time — each card is to be read and answered in three minutes. The higher levels have more questions to he answered than the lower levels.

Listening skills teach the TQLR method of developing listening skills. On the whole, children from Std. II to Std. VII have this programme which develops gradually. With the expert guidance of the Reading Lab teachers most children find it an interesting period of the week.


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