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Aditi Simlai (1996)Today, like the rest of my class of 1996, I am trying my best to cope with the rigours of 1st year at college. Fresh out of school, the challenges of living away from home are many but I am sure that all of us are doing well in life at this stage. But given a chance, I think some of us would like to re live our school days and I happen to be one of those.

Still I wish I could go back to school, especially the last 2 years — the time I spent at Loyola.

When I joined Loyola in class XI it was a new ex perience, a whole new world. I had left most of my friends back at the school were I did my class X. So there I was in a new school, with new teachers, none of whom knew me, and friendless. Surprisingly, all these changed in a matter of days; Loyola does it to you. Be fore I knew it, I had made friends with the girls of my class who were as unsure of themselves as I was, as all of us had stepped into a male bastion. But the boys became less threatening as days passed and soon groups of boys and girls emerged accepting each other for what they were.

So life went on. But at that time during those two years we never realised that time was pã’ssing and fast. We moved from XJth to XIIth and were the senior most class in school with the board exams and various en trance exams on our heads. But this never seemed to affect us. I think this was largely due to the faculty. Everything was done with a smile and done well. My teachers have taught me more than the course; they have taught me about life. I am competent enough to make my decisions in life. Loyola has a wonderful sys tem wherein a student can walk up to the Principal, Vice-Principal and any member of the staff with any grievance and all grievances are compassionatly dealt with. This does a lot to one’s confidence; it has given my confidence a boost.

Loyola gave me my best friends. In the class of ‘96, among the 160 who graduated I was lucky enough to find people who matched my ‘frequency’ or wave length. Through the highs and lows of life, they have been with me. For the past two years they have laughed with me, cried with me, been there for me. We have done it all. Lived life to the fullest during plus two at Loyola. We have attended classes, bunked classes, ca joled teachers, fought with each other and made up, spent hours at the canteen doing nothing better than whiling away time without a care. But life was not re ally meaningless or wasted. There was always a lot to do. Loyola gave us ample scope to demonstrate our tal ents. This has helped me decide what to do in life, ca reer wise, and I am sure Loyola has helped all Loyoleans, past and present, in the same manner. And so, the days passed and before we knew it, it was time to move on —away from the warmth and security of Loyola. So, today, the 160 who made up the class of ‘96 are scat tered all over the country. Some of us are studying medicine at premium institutions of the country, oth ers can be found walking the corridors of various engi neering institutes, while still others are pursuing fields related with commerce and liberal arts.

Whether this class meets as a class again or not is beyond our control. But come what may, the days spent at Loyola shall always remain in memory. Loyola shall remain Loyola for me, a wonderful school, a place dear to my heart, an institution beyond compare. For it was here that I had the best days of my life. Thank you Loyola, for everything.

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