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Fr. George Hess, SJ

One Man's Dream - A Million Kids' Beneficence is a book on De Nobili School and the life of Father Hess, written by Rajat Bhatia, a Nobilian. It is a photo-chronicle of the history of De Nobili School and the life of Father Hess.

The De Nobili School, FRI, Dhanbad was founded in 1956 by the same Jesuits who established Loyola School, Jamshedpur. Fr. F. X. McFarland was the founding Principal of De Nobili. Fr. George Hess, one the longest serving principals at Loyola, was the principal of the sibling school for 17 years. Fr. Kirsh established the physics labs there just like he had done it here in Loyola. The two schools have shared the same set of Jesuits, besides those named above, including Fr. T. Peacock, Fr. Hunt, Fr. E. Welch, Fr. Eugene Power, Fr. J. Keogh, Fr. H. Lobo, Fr. Eric Cassel, Fr. George Thana and Fr. Pius Fernandes.

All revenues from the sales of the book will be used to fund scholarships for needy students. These scholarships will cover tuition and an allowance for text books.

The cost of printing the first 1000 copies was borne by another Nobilian, Anurag Dikshit, the co-founder of the world's leading online poker site

Cover of One Man's Dream - A Million Kids' Beneficence

There is no price tag on the book because nobody can really put a price tag on the great work done by Fr Hess, Fr McFarland and so many other Jesuits who came to India from Maryland. However, the book has been sold in India for Rs 450 each. In the USA, people have paid anything from US$ 40 to US$ 100 for the book. Even some people who have never been to India or to De Nobili School for that matter were delighted to pay US$ 100 when they found out that the book is for charity.


The book is not on sale anymore. A copy is available for reading at the Loyola Alumni Association and the Loyola School library.

You can donate to the Jamshedpur Jesuit Society, the umbrella organisation under the Provincial, which oversees all the institutions Father Hess was associated with.

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