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Fr. Sebastian Puthenpura, SJDear Parents/Guardians,

Greetings on the occasion of the spiritual and joyful festive season to one and all!

You have been kept abreast of the happenings in our school through my occasional ‘letter to the parents’ as well as through the local newspapers. The joy, enthusiasm and appreciation that you have shared with us on the occasion of the inauguration of our Fasy auditorium were a great source of encouragement to each one of us. The little ones in our Junior Section have a beautiful children’s park to play and enjoy themselves. Our students have been bringing laurels and accolades to our school by their stellar performances in various competitions in local, regional and national levels. Probably this is the first time that our school reached the national finals of the Frank Anthony Debate competition in both Junior and Senior Categories and won third and second prizes respectively. This year too Loyola has been ranked number one in the whole of Jharkhand, but we have miles to go before we wrest the same in the national level.

 In this academic year we haven’t had our annual parents-teachers meetings as we were waiting for the completion of the new auditorium. Now that it is ready we will have them as per the following schedule:

30th October (Friday) For all the Christian parents, teachers and students.
3rd November (Tuesday) For parents and teachers of Pre-KG, KG, I, & II
4th November (Wednesday) For parents and teachers of Stds. III, IV, & V
5th November (Thursday) For parents and teachers of Stds. VI, VII, & VIII
6th November (Friday) For parents and teachers of Stds. IX, X, & XI

The meeting will start at 5.00 pm everyday. Please be seated by 4.45 pm. Both the parents of the child are expected to be present for the meeting. Please do not carry any eatables to the auditorium.

With all good wishes for a happy festive season,

Yours sincerely,

Fr. Sebastian Puthenpura, SJ



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