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Loyola offers its students three different libraries to choose from. More than 60,000 books and periodicals are housed here as well as copies of various rare books. Truly a rich experience.


From a single science laboratory in the 50's, the number of labs has gone up to five and two computer labs. The Physics and Chemistry labs are very well equipped and take up one entire corridor. The biology lab has its own museum, where rare specimens are preserved. The two computer labs cater to the junior and senior section of the school.


The bookstore is indeed a boon for the students and saves them from the hassle of going to various bookshops in the city in search of books. All books prescribed by the school are available here as well as stationary.


Loyola offers to its students a wide and varied collection of various sports. Cricket, football, basketball, volleyball and handball are available on the campus itself. Loyoleans have also won laurels for the school in golf, swimming, martial arts, badminton, horse riding, motorcycling and various sports.


The gymnasium doors were thrown open in 1999 and since then the number of gym users has increased by leaps and bounds. Currently Loyola is the only school in the city to have a gym, which houses the state-of-the-art equipment. Membership is open to students, their parents and alumni.


A new canteen has replaced the old one, which was torn down a few years ago. Large, airy and very well decorated the canteen offers snacks to suit everyone's palate and pocket.