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Admission Forms have to be filled online only from 26th November to 30th November 2018 on the school website :

All further details will be provided in the information sheet that will be available on the above mentioned website during the days mentioned above.

Forms will neither be sold in the school premises nor will hard copies of forms be accepted.

  • AGE REQUIREMENT: Must have been born between 16th Sept. 2013 & 15th Sept. 2014
  • COST OF THE FORM: Rs. 200/-

Instructions for parents :

  1. The form has to be filled in on-line only.
  2. Please upload the scanned copies of the relevant documents (copy of the Birth Certificate, Caste Certificate, Baptism Certificate, Proof of Employment, etc) when you fill in the form online.
  3. For any other queries please carefully read the instructions which will be available on the website on the days mentioned above.

- Fr. Pius Fernandes S.J. (Principal)