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“Kabuliwala - O - Kabuliwala ! What’s there in your bag ?  Elephants !” 

This eternal tale of the friendship between a precocious little girl and a gigantic Pathan with a golden heart has enthralled readers for generations.
In ‘The Kabuliwala - an adaption’  we shall explore the deep human emotions and the evolving human relationships that form the theme of Tagore’s story.

What made the Kabuliwala leave his home in the hills and come down to an alien country year after year ? Was it only to earn a few rupees or were there some deeper bonds that tugged at him ? What did Mini the little girl see in the huge hulk ? What was the thread of bonding which saw this unique friendship between the two ?

Rehman entices Mini with dry fruits and savories. Her father is anxious that he has not paid for them.

What was going on with the family of the Kabuliwala back in Afghanistan while he was languishing in jail ? Did he get to finally see his own daughter ? Did she also shy away from him like Mini did ? Is a Muslim father any different from a Hindu father ? Does a Muslim father not suffer the pain and anguish that a Hindu father does ?

Our play will explore all this and more , through a dance and music combination.

We shall strive to showcase Indian culture , evolving relationships and communal harmony.