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  1. Students are expected to arrive at the School before the assembly bell. Habitual late-corners will be sent home or detained after school.
  2. A student who is not habitually clean or properly dressed in the School uniform, will be sent home. Bush shirts are not to be worn.
  3. No Loyola student upto Std. X is permitted to drive a motorized vehicle.
  4. Students should not ride their cycles in the School campus. Cycles must he kept locked in the Cycle-shed.
  5. Students must not scratch or spoil the desk, write in chalk or pencil on the wall or in any way damage School property. Damage done should be reported at once. Even if it is caused by accident, the damage has to be made good.
  6. No "unauthorized" books, magazines, comics or papers may be brought to School without the permission of the Principal or the Vice-Principals.
  7. The School is not responsible for loss of any goods belonging to the students. They are, therefore, advised not to bring large sums of money or expensive articles to School.
  8. Students are not permitted to bring any dangerous articles such as knives, razor-blades, guns, daggers, fire-crackers. etc. Nor are they allowed to bring Mobile-phones radios or other electronic articles to School.
  9. Going out of the School campus at any time during class-hours, smoking or eating panmasala are strictly forbidden.
  10. No student should be playing on the School grounds after 6:00 p.m.
  11. All Loyola students are expected to:
    • show respect to all the teachers.
    • avoid shouting, whistling or running about in the School building.
    • avoid using indecent language.
    • avoid throwing paper, stones etc. anywhere in or around the School premises, except in the bins provided for the purpose.
    • observe all the rules of good conduct on the various buses and on the streets while coming to or returning from school.
  12. The following are not allowed:
    • ornaments
    • eye make-up
    • henna
    • nail polish
    • tattoo