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All Assessments/Examinations must be answered by every student.

Kindly note: If a student has missed a test / assessment / examination he / she will not be given a Make-Up test.

Failure to answer a test / assessment / examination will affect the student's averages of the final result at the time of Promotion. This, in turn, may adversely affect his / her Promotion.


Grade Percentage Standard
A+ 90% and above Outstanding
A 80% and above Excellent
B 70% - 79% Very Good
C 60% - 69% Good
D 50% - 59% Satisfactory
E 40% - 49% Pass
F 30% - 39% Failure
G 20% - 29% Very Poor

Passing Grades/marks for all subjects is E / 40%.

Promotion is granted on the average of all the Grades / marks in the year and not only the final Assessment / Examination.

Junior Section

The system of Continuous Assessment is followed trom Kindergarten to Standard V.

For promotion, a passing grade in English, Hindi and Mathematics and at least 80% attendance is absolutely necessary. A failure in two other academic subjects means a detention in that class. Failure will be allowed only once in the Junior School .

Senior Section

The criteria for promotion in Std. IX and XI will be the same as followed by the Council of the ISC for awarding Pass certificate in Std. X and XII respectively. Promotion will be based on the year's average. Those who do not fulfill the promotion criteria in Std. XI, will be asked to discontinue, as there is no question of repeating Std. XI.

Answer-scripts will not be kept beyond 30 days after the distribution of the Report cards, after each Terminal examination. Therefore, any parent wishing to see the answer-script of his ward must do so within that period, in consultation with the subject teacher concerned.

Honour Cards

Honour Cards are given according to the following criteria:

Junior School (Stds. I-VI)

Par Excellence: A+ Grade in 3 major subjects & A in the rest including Skills.

1st Honours: A/B grade in all subjects & Skills

2nd Honours: B/C grade in all subjects & Skills

High School (Stds. VII-X)

1st Honours: 70% in all subjects & A/B in SUPW

2nd Honours: 60% in all subjects & A/B/C in SUPW

Plus Two (Stds. Xl & XII)

1st Honours: 70% in all subjects & A/B-grade in SUPW

2nd Honours: 60% in all subjects and A/B/C grade in SUPW

N.B.: For all Honour cards an A-grade in M.Sc./Rel. is essential.

Marks obtained in English + Best three subjects will be considered for Honours Card.