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Tulsi A group of students from Loyola School are doing a research work on common uses of widely available medicinal plants and a comparative study of the same with other countries of the world. Countries specifically chosen by the group are China, Egypt and Malaysia.

To begin with our children have grown a medicinal garden in the school premises.

Preparing the garden bed

Parents came and supervised the plants and asked questions to our students.

Parents inpsecting the plants

Common medicinal plants were displayed on the Bio-club notice board and students were asked to quiz on it. A sample of quiz question and answer is shown below.

Medicinal plants displayed on the notice board

Sample answer paper

Students have put a small skit in the assembly to display the importance of basic knowledge of some common medicinal plants.

Traditional medicines go a long way

They have done a lot of research on the uses of these plants in the countries mentioned above. They shared their knowledge with other students by means of power point presentation, chart display etc.

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